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The Mobilecast – Why Is Microsoft Buying Nokia?

Brian Katz chats with our CEO, Bob Egan, Ben Bajarin (@benbajarin), Bob Egan (@bobegan) and Matt Rosoff (@mattrosoff) about the Microsoft buyout of Nokia Devices and Services announced early this morning. The conversation covers a lot of ground They have a wide-ranging starting with whether the buyout is needed, whether it was worth how much Microsoft is offering to pay for it and goes through to what we might see next from Microsoft and in the industry.


Topic 1 – Microsoft marries Nokia – shotgun or not

Topic 2 – Was the dowry worth it? Is Microsoft paying enough for Nokia?

Topic 3 – Strategically can this work for Microsoft? How does the next CEO play into this? Should Elop be the next CEO? How does Microsoft succeed?

Topic 4 – The Nokia name – what happens to the brand?

Topic 5 – Nokia – what’s next?

Topic 6 – Blackberry, HTC, Intel, what’s next?

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