how to use a bidet toilet seat

Using a bidet toilet seat is a way to get clean. Once a person is done doing their business the seat will take care of the rest. The bidet will provide a clean and hygienic wash and is ready to go.

While still sitting on the toilet seat a person will press the Wash button. The button can be mounted on the wall or attached to the side of the seat. Some of the bidet toilet seats also work on the remote control. When this button is pressed the spray nozzle will begin beneath a person. There may be a pause between pressing the button and the spray being release. This will allow the water to heat up for a couple of seconds and the nozzle to self-clean.

There are some easy ways to make adjustments to the bidet so that a person can be comfortable and have a clean feeling. A person will be able to use the remote to customize some of the settings so they can be clean. They will be able to adjust the water temperature to their liking. This way it is not too hot or too cold. The water pressure can be adjusted so that it is not too hard but is strong enough to get a person clean. The nozzle position can be adjusted from the control panel along with the width of the spray. Some people live a strong spray while others like it to be softer. They can try the different settings with the remote before they find one that works best.

When a person has finished with the wash all they need to do is press the stop button. This can be done on the remote or the same button they pushed to start. There is no need to clean the nozzle. It will clean itself and will go back into the bidet seat.

Once a person has been washed they need to dry off before getting off the bidet toilet seat. They can use toilet paper to pat the area dry. Only a couple of squares will be needed to dry. Depending on the model the bidet may be able to help a person dry. Some of the seats will have a warm air dryer. To active the dryer, a person will use the dry button on the control panel. The air drying will take a couple of minutes to complete but it will leave the bottom dry. Some people like to use a wash cloth to dry off just like they would when they get out of the shower. Either of these methods will help a person get clean.

The bidet toilet seat is easy to use and will allow a person to get clean after using the restroom. These smart toilet seats know how much water is needed and will help a person get a fresh and clean feeling when they are done. It is now easy to use the sprays and have an automatic washing while in the bathroom.

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