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RIM To Manage Apple and Google Devices

RIM (re)announced its BlackBerry Mobile Fusion offering today. The intent of the solution is to simplify (unify) the management of smartphones and tablets running BlackBerry®, Google® Android® and Apple® iOS® operating systems. While many enterprises are able benefiting from expense reductions because employees are bring their own devices to work (BYOD), these same companies face a […]

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Is The Market Ready for the Google Wallet?

Google isn’t quite ready, so its hard to imagine consumers making seismic changes in their shopping behaviors any time soon. Nor is the technology widely available yet to consumers. But the time is right for Google because its first mover advantage will likely reap benefits in the longer term. Sepharim was cited in this […]

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What Can RIM Improve Blackberry?

I think this is a very fair and accurate editorial on Blackberry products. Its actually a pleasure to see someone write about Blackberry without an axe to grind and just sort out the facts. Good work Chris Ziegler. Amplify’d from Editorial: How RIM can improve BlackBerry right now Sort out Gmail and IMAP. Seriously. […]

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Google Buys Motorola Mobility: Don’t Let The Smoke Get In Your Eyes

There has been a lot of focus and fuss over the value and cost of the patents involved in the Google/Motorola transaction. While Google’s Android market share growth is on a fast track, so are the lawsuits over patent violations, the complaints about platform fragmentation and interest about how the company will drive profits because […]

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By 2012, Mobile in-App purchasing will be the next big thing

interesting article by – worth a read.

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NIST to help set mobile identity standards

“As an industry group committed to security and trust of identities in cyberspace and the physical world, we endorse NSTIC and want to see it succeed,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. “In our comments, we have outlined all of the factors that we view will be essential to its success, […]

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Enterprise mobility defined by devices people carry, their job roles and their mobility.

I said this back in May of 2001, and it remains very relevant today – perhaps more so.

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RIM Fights Back: My Interview with Canada’s Global News Network

RIM’s first Beavis and Butthead moment dates as far back as 2007 when it should have asked itself why it didn’t invent the iPhone.

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Is RIM Done?

This time we’ve asked ourselves: Is RIM Done? Analysts are of two distinct minds on Research in Motion (RIM) – one is that RIM is done, another – that current problems are temporary and that RIM stock is a screaming buy. RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM, MGI Index= 2,396) shares continue to be under pressure, while Apple, (NASDAQ:AAPL, MGI […]