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Bob Egan – Amplify Festival

 Facts, figures and insights into the relentless march of mobile communications and mobile payments as told by one of  the mobile industry’s most respected voices.  

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Video: Bob Egan talks Cloud Mobility with Kevin Benedict

Published on Jul 1, 2013 Cognizant SMAC Analyst Kevin Benedict interviews mobile expert Bob Egan from the Sepharim Group. In this interview we discuss cloud mobility and the role it will play in enterprise mobility and mobile strategies.    

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Video: Bob Egan discusses why some enterprises mobile project’s fail

Bob Egan talks with Cognizant’s Kevin Benedict about some of the things that Bob sees companies do, that causes their enterprise mobility projects to fail. The two most common fails? 1. Not engaging employees in the design of the solution. 2. Under-estimating the impact of the existing infrastructure.

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Microsoft and Nokia: Should Kissing Cousins Marry?

Rumors are once again circulating that Nokia has a “For Sale” sign on it.
The latest rumors are nothing new citing Huawei, Lenovo and Microsoft all as potential buyers. It was Nancy Gohring’s piece over at CITEworld that prompted me to offer up an opinion. Why would Microsoft buy Nokia’s cow when it’s getting the milk […]

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Podcast: The Landscape of Enterprise Mobility Management – Staying Ahead of The Curve

From a brief overview of what set off the MDM mobile mania, through the issues of digital exhaust, the future of trusted identities and asking ourselves if the promise of ubiquitous network will ever arrive, this is a podcast you just don’t want to miss! The Landscape of Enterprise Mobility Management – Staying Ahead of […]

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7 Questions About The Enterprise Impact of iOS 7?

Courtney Buchanan who writes for the Chief Mobility Officer Blog over at Visage Mobile writes about some of the new enterprise features that Apple announced ( Glossed over ) at WWDC. It’s a pretty complete list with some interesting commentary – take a look. iOS 7 is a major update for the enterprise. While much […]

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Investing in Mobile? 6 Tips for CIO’s

If CIO’s don’t have a plan for mobile, they have a problem. A big one. This is true regardless of whether we are talking about how people use mobile devices at work, shop online or at retail stores, pay for goods and services or become more socially engaged. For CIO’s the question is, “Are you […]

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BlackBerry In The Black, or Black Eye?

  Blackberry won’t be in the Black, but will its earnings give it a Black eye? Of course it may well be me who will get a black eye here…   First let me say that I think that management has done a pretty good job at getting the company operationally under control, focused and […]

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Nokia Maps Put Consumers at Ease, Unlike Google or Apple

People don’t remember phone #’s, because they don’t have to. People don’t need to worry about spelling, because they don’t have to. People don’t need to know how to get from one place to another, because they don’t need to – or shouldn’t need to. Amid a rash of criticism of Apple’s new mapping system […]

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Amazon vs Retailers: No Christmas Cheer

Amazon is running a 24 hour trial this weekend (12/10) that has retailers upset. The trial uses the Amazon application “Price Check” and offers a $5 discount based off the Amazon Price as an incentive for consumers to share in-store advertised prices with them. At issue is how many consumers will choose to purchase steer their […]