Our History

The origins of The Sepharim Group date back to 2002 when Bob Egan built the successful consulting boutique and industry analyst firm – The Sepharim GroupMobile Competency.

The value proposition was straightforward: Employees continue to turn to corporate executives for leadership about innovation. But where do corporate executives turn for help?

Just when enterprises thought that they were getting a grip on the transformation that the Internet was bringing to their business, along came the infiltration of mobile into the core aspects of business and the threat (now a reality) that is changing all the rules.

With the acquisition of Mobile Competency in 2005 by TowerGroup, Bob spent the next six years as the CRO for their MasterCard division (now owned by CEB). . In 2010 Bob Egan formally founded The Sepharim Group to renew his commitment as the leading expert and most trusted executive advisor for all things mobile.

Transitioning to a mobile first world is a mandate. Business leaders don’t get to choose to play or not. Any company that remains lost in the desktop continuum and who fails to appreciate the criticality of the mobile-first mindset is subject to demise. Mobile represents a major platform transition – the others include mainframe – client server – browser. This transition is both complex and opportunistic.  At Sepharim Group, we’re committed to help you build your mobile strategies for tomorrow, today.

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