Microsoft Goes To War

In April of 2015, I said that Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, wasn’t waging a war. I was wrong. Armed with two new Surface devices and three new phones, Nadella looks to reclaim Microsoft lost land. That is my take-away after getting a preview of the devices and the strategy behinds today’s Microsoft hardware event. Microsoft new […]

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Is Your Business Future Ready?

Author: Bob Egan, Chief Research Officer Mobile has had the most powerful impact on business plans in the last five years than any other technology suite, including cloud. Business leaders must embrace mobile. You don’t get to choose to play or not. Mobile is a core underpinning in the evolution of business in the way people […]

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A New CIO Mandate: Regaining Employee Trust

Summary When  it  comes  to  using  their  own  phones  for  work,  employees  are  less  sure  about whether their employer is spying on them than two years ago.  The gap between employee/employers  trust   is  widening  at  5%  per  year.  Uncertainty about privacy is driving the drop in trust.  CIO’s have a mandate to remove the uncertainty […]

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Microsoft Shakes Up Leadership: Now What?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella overhauled the company’s leadership today. There is little surprise to the timing or makeup of the changes. Microsoft typically makes changes just ahead of the start of its fiscal year. And the new alignment underscores the Microsoft’s objective to focus on three key areas: cloud, personal computing and enterprise applications. But two big questions weigh heavy on […]

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